14 Things to do with Your Grandkids

Part of the joy of having children is the joy received by spending time with the grandkids. Here are fourteen suggestions for indoor activities that you can do with your enthusiastic little ones.

Build a Blanket Fort

  • Nothing shakes up the imagination juices than fashioning a fort out of pillows and blankets. Though you yourself may need to take care in crouching and leaning downwards in this makeshift castle, the delight in your grandchildren will make the effort worth it.
  • Compose grand fairy tale stories of a princess in a castle or a duke in a manor and you can be the loud, fire-breathing dragon. Or, even tell a fairy tale while your young one is snuggly encased in their fort. Spin your grandkids’ dreams into stories that take place in magical lands for both of you to enjoy.

Costume Design

  • Regale in your inner fashionistas all the while getting started on your Halloween costume— it’s never too early! DIY projects are great ways to bond with your grandkids and let their imaginations run wild.
  • Have fun formulating a list of possible costumes as well as compiling creative materials from cardboard to bubble wrap.

Arts & Crafts

  • Move beyond costumes and utilize other mediums to introduce art to your loved one.
  • Create watercolor portraits of each other and you’ll forever have those prints to post on your refrigerator for years to come. Purchase a plain white t-shirt, some fabric paint, a colored variety of glitter and rhinestones and decorate your very own t-shirt.

Bake & Decorate

  • The kitchen can be your indoor playground, utilizing the holidays to theme your treats.
  • Make your grandchild your Valentine and organize a night of baking. Include decorative materials to turn those heart-shaped cookies into yummy works of art.
  • If you’re looking for something a little heftier: make pasta or pizza from scratch. It’s not only something that your grandchildren will be able to use later in life, but dinner also turns from a fun activity into a well-deserved meal.

Board Games

  • Sidestep those fancy tablets and expensive game consoles and turn towards a classic game of Yahtzee, Monopoly or Boggle. There are a variety of board games that cater to families with different tastes apart from the classics.
  • If movement is more to your liking, games such as charades not only keep you actively moving but spur long-lasting laughs.
  • Additionally, board games facilitate conversation and memorable moments between your grandkids and you.
  • Every moment is to be cherished when it comes to our family and loved ones. These are just a few of the many things that can build times to hold dear for many years to come.

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