9 Spring Cleaning Tips

As the cold winter days dwindle down, the anticipation of blooming flowers and warmer days is in the air.

Spring cleaning is common around the world and can represent more than just cleaning.
Spring cleaning is a time for change and ridding old habits, but it can also mean more than just eliminating junk. In some cultures, spring cleaning can also be religious or spiritual—a time of cleansing for the mind and soul.


Reasons to do Spring Cleaning

  1. Don’t be a pack rat! Don’t get weighed down by all your clutter.
  2. It’s an opportunity to start anew. Let fresh air in!
  3. Focus on chores you’ve been neglecting, especially during the winter.
  4. Create more balance and harmony in your life. Rearrange things to help create an environment
  5. that can foster more positive energy. Have good Feng Shui.

It can be a fun family affair! Chores are always more fun with company.

Before You Start

  1. Be organized and plan out what you would like to do. Make sure you plan and schedule in breaks!
  2. Gather cleaning supplies beforehand. Don’t forget to grab snacks!
  3. Have music. Make a playlist of your favorite songs to help pass the time.
  4. Turn off phones, tablets, and other electronic devices to minimize distractions.

Get To It!

  1. Dust down ceilings.
  2. Dust vents and fans.
  3. Dust corners of walls.
  4. Dust and clean all art and photographs on the wall.
  5. Wash all bedding, comforters, mattress pads, and pillows.
  6. Wash mirrors and inside of windows.
  7. Clean out fridge and freezer.
  8. Degrease cooking appliances.
  9. Wipe off light bulbs (dirty bulbs emit 20% less light).

Don’t forget to take pictures! And when finished, take yourself (and your helpers) out for dinner and a movie, or order in and relax in the cleanliness of your home!

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