A Film to Watch, with (or without) your Grandkids

Move over Pixar, Disney’s flagship animated studio has a new queen in town. All hail Frozen. Returning to the musical formatting for which Disney is known, Frozen is adapted loosely from Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale, The Snow Queen.

Frozen shies way from its damsel-in-distress formula and instead centralizes on the relationship between two young royals: one cursed with the power to shape and control ice, the other struggling to reconcile her self-exiled sister with their frost-engulfed kingdom.

This film is led by a duo of strong female personages placing their own destinies in their hands. As the third highest grossing film of 2013, Frozen captured the hearts of audiences domestic and worldwide, with a total of $864,035,842, and high praise from critics and reviewers alike.

Starring the voices of Broadway stars Idina Menzel (of Wicked fame) and Jonathan Groff, with the acting chops of Kirsten Bell, the cast of characters delivers witty one-liners and captures the Disney wonderment of our youth. Frozen is Oscar-nominated for Best Animated Feature and Best Original Song, “Let It Go”, sung by the voice of the young snow queen herself, Idina Menzel. In the signature song, an accursed Elsa shrugs off her self-imposed restrictions and finally embraces her identity—an underlying message sure to resonate with audiences of all ages. Snowman Olaf and sounds of the trolls are sure to draw the grandkids. Frozen’s highly detailed computer-generated imagery and well-developed characters will ensure entertainment throughout.

So, if you are tired of the barrage of superhero flicks and bow-wielding heroines fighting it out in death matches, Frozen is an oeuvre geared towards general audiences. Frozen is sure to bring laughter and tears, but most of all it will leave the audience feeling as empowered as its ice-imbued lead.

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