EMSY Winner: Medical Alarm Service

EMSY Winner

Winner: Alert 1 (www.alert-1.com)

The Verdict: 9.5/10
Alert1 is without a doubt, the best in class and the best alternative to Life Alert®.


The editors select Alert1 as the best medical alarm service for seniors. The company’s commitment to customer satisfaction and its transparent, affordable pricing rank high on our priority list when it comes to senior safety and independence.

In our shopping calls, we found that the company provides outstanding customer service and a pleasant phone experience. During our calls, we found the phone representatives to be pleasant, knowledgeable, and considerate of our questions.

We also liked Alert1’s transparent pricing. Unlike Life Alert or LifeLine, Alert1 publicly posts its prices on their website. Plans start at $25.95 on a monthly basis whereas some other providers approach $45 per month. Alert1 also allows flexibility in payment frequency, has no long-term contracts, and features a 30-day money back guarantee.

On top of all that, Alert1 includes free shipping (depending on the plan) and added spousal coverage at no extra charge.

Based on our evaluation, we did not find any significant flaws with Alert1. 


Second Place:  Life Alert  – 8.9/10

Life Alert Logo150

Life Alert has solid branding and an established business. Their website makes it difficult to find information about their product, and their pricing proves to be non-transparent. The hefty price tag does not go easy on your wallet. They require a three-year contract, the longest of any of the systems we tested, limiting your ability to opt-out at any given time.


Third Place:  ResponseLink   – 8.8/10

6 MI_Logo Tagline no background150

ResponseLink offers a more comprehensive system beyond an alarm button so the company’s prices are higher.  If you are looking for a full-featured service, ResponseLINK is a fantastic alternative to both higher-rated options.


Fourth Place: Philips Lifeline – 8.5/10

Philips Lifeline logo 100

Lifeline is a trusted medical alarm provider and is FDA registered. Beware, however: their fees add up. Activation and installation fees with no money-back guarantee can reach $130. Their sales representatives were considerate, but their monitoring centers are not CSAA Five Diamond approved, a certification which rates the quality of customer service.


Fifth Place: Family Care Medical Alarms – 8.3/10


Family Care Medical Alarms is a basic service requiring a landline. Their main benefit is their low price. Family Care Medical Alarms offers you good quality of service for the price you pay, but does not provide you with more advanced features.


Our Reviews due to reader demand:
We have had many of our readers ask “Which is the best medical alert system?” and “What are the alternatives to Life Alert?” Like how Band-Aid® is synonymous with adhesive bandages and Kleenex® with facial tissues, so is Life Alert® with medical alarm systems. Like many highly branded products, Life Alert® carries a high cost. Our discerning readers asked: “Does the high cost indicate a markedly higher quality of safety and protection? Or are we really paying for their commercials and brand?” We decided it was time to compare the different systems for you.

How we tested:
Our entire editorial team kicked the tires on all of the major medical alert companies. First, we researched each website to see which companies offered clear, honest information. Next, we called each company’s sales and customer service teams to see who treated us with respect, and genuinely wanted to help us get our systems set up. Finally, we compared all the features, functionality, services and prices to determine which company offered the highest quality service and best value.

Based on this research, our best recommendation for you is Alert1.

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