Best Pets for the Elderly

Pets provide many benefits for aging seniors. Based on your living situation, the pet you decide on can vary. Assisted living facilities and the like may only allow small sized pets or none at all. The practical option of aging in place allows you the freedom to have any pet you desire. Listed are the top pets to keep you company.


It’s no surprise that dogs make the top of the list. Dogs are friendly, active and always willing to stay beside you. What’s more, dogs can be trained. The process of training may be difficult but can be an excellent relationship building material. You will find out more about your pet by training them.

Dogs do require more time and attention such as regular walks. The benefits of this, however, are listed below.


For those cat persons, feline companions are more independent. In general, cats are hygienic and take care of themselves. A litter box is pretty self-explanatory to a cat. Regular feeding times are the only thing to keep in mind. And based on your cat’s moods, play time can be plenty or just the right amount.


Setting up an aquarium can be quite the fun task. You can choose the size, the rocks and fauna. Maybe you’ll have an underwater castle. Maybe there will be a pirate ship. Or there could be a mermaid to keep your fish company.

The interior design that comes with setup is an art project in and of itself. Filters for tanks can be quite the price tag. But it saves you from the arduous cleanup process. And all this setup is even before deciding on your pet!

Based on your budget, deciding on the type of fish can also be quite fun. Choosing your aquatic swimmer can be like choosing a type of fish that matches your personality. The variety alone will keep your decision-making preoccupied.

And once you have your fish, there’s nothing more mesmerizing than watching them swim about. It could be calming and even meditative.


This may be the bizarre option under pets. But plants require the same maintenance and attention as the above companions. Plants may even require less taking care of since they do not make a mess.

Plants can add some needed greenery to your household. And the variety of plants can even add yellows and blues and reds indoors. Think of your indoor plant as an extension of a garden.

Based on studies, being surrounded by noise help plants grow. A noiseless greenhouse yielded smaller volumes. In this manner, you are more than encouraged to converse with your plant. Have something on your mind? Have a chat with your plant. Do you have something mean to say but probably should not vocalize it to that person? Say it to your plant. They don’t mind.

Benefits of Having a Pet

A large factor many seniors opt for a pet is companionship. The idea is that there is a companion that will be beside you at all times of the day. A pet is the white knight that combats the onset of loneliness and depression. For many seniors this can be an issue. A pet wards off all this. Each day will be sure to bring a smile, chuckle or huge guffaw.

Having a pet also helps with setting a regular schedule. This may include daily feeding rituals or cleaning out the litter box. A set routine maintains tasks to do during the day. Everyday tasks help give a sense of accomplishment for the day. Even minor tasks such as giving the dog a bath makes an otherwise boring day constructive.

Part of this routine is regular movement and having an activity going. Walking the dog every morning propels you to being outside in the fresh air. Staying in all day can be alluring. But staying indoors can lead to lethargy. A dog, for example, will have you moving and staying active from dusk till dawn.

A caveat to a routine and going outside is exercise. Go for a short jog with your dog. Take a prolonged stroll around the park. Center a fitness plan along with your canine companion. In this way, you are working out alone. Part of a healthy lifestyle is exercising. The benefits for you and your dog are aplenty.

And when a day proves to be stressful, you have your companion to play with. Certain universities have brought in puppies during final exam periods. The administration gives students a time period to meet and play with the puppies. The studies that came from this show that interaction with the animals helped reduce stress. Take the same view with your pet. Let your companion help allay worries.

The last, most important benefit is feeling needed. Taking care of another life no doubt yields positive benefits. Every day taking care of something other than you is its own reward. It helps pull you away from yourself and understand something much bigger which is loving and caring for someone beyond yourself.

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