Fun Things to Do Now That You Have Time

Retirement is an exciting time for seniors. After years of working 9:00-5:00, you find yourself with an extraordinary amount of free time. To take advantage of this newfound opportunity, here are three activities you now have the time to do and their benefits to you.


Seniors often neglect their body in retirement which leads to a bevy of problems for their health. According to the American Heart Foundation, more than 250,000 heart-related deaths occur each year due to a lack of exercise.

Yoga is a fun and easy way to remain active without putting too much strain on the body. Yoga helps to alleviate certain health problems like arthritis, asthma, and heart disease as well as reducing the stress you feel. Over 20 million Americans practiced some form of yoga last year, and there are yoga practices in almost every town in the country.

There are several types of yoga that you can enjoy doing. Hatha yoga is a slow paced, gentle form that is good for beginners to learn basic poses. Vinyasa is a more rigorous but still enjoyable form that focuses on breath control. Ashtanga yoga is a fast-paced, intense style of yoga with a set series of poses. And finally, Bikram yoga is practiced in 95 to 100 degree Fahrenheit rooms, loosening muscles to “cleanse” the body. You can go to your local gym or YMCA and ask about the types of yoga classes available, and pick the one best suited for your level of interest and physical wellness.

No level of physical fitness or experience is necessary to join yoga. Yoga sessions are typically done in a group environment with an instructor speaking aloud and demonstrating the poses while the rest of the group follows. Bring a nice mat to use and a positive and helpful attitude; yoga enthusiast love helping out others so don’t be worried if you can’t strike a pose and just ask for help.


58% of Americans admit to eating takeout food at least once a week.  Oftentimes people will substitute fast food for a healthier meal due to time or budget constraints but it can lead to an increased risk in heart disease and obesity. The economical, and healthier alternative, is learning how to cook at home.

Don’t know how to cook? Well, now you have the time to learn! Cooking can be a fun way to stay healthy and prepare delicious foods made from scratch. There are thousands of recipes available online, along with step-by-step instructions and video tutorials.

Cooking can not only be a fun thing to try on your own, but can also be a social event as well. Invite friends, family, and neighbors over to watch the game while you prepare a meal, or have them help you prepare the meal. Hosting dinners, lunches, and more is a great way to impress those around you and socialize with the ones you love.

Reconnecting with Old Friends (Socializing)

One of the biggest problems with retirement is that it can lead seniors to being isolated from the people around them. A shocking 40% of seniors say that they spend less time with friends and family now that they’re retirees. It’s important to keep up with old friends and family members after you retire, since those interactions are what you’ll treasure the most in your old age.

Dinner parties are a great way to connect, as mentioned earlier. Another good way to stay social is to join hobby groups that you’re interested in. A quick online search of your favorite activities will yield hundreds of results for local groups that meet to discuss or perform that interest. Furthermore, in the age of social media, old college or work friends are just a few clicks away. Meet up with the people you haven’t seen in a while to reminisce and discuss the future.

Retirement can be a huge lifestyle change to many seniors but it doesn’t have to be a negative one. Join yoga groups, cook with friends and family and socialize with old friends in order to make the most out of your retirement. Retirement is a chance to do the things that you want; it gives you the time to reach out and do the things that you never had the chance to do before. Become a model senior, and make the most out of your retirement.

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