EMSY Winner 2015: Medical Alarm Service

EMSY Winner: Medical Alarm Service

We have chosen Alert1 as our #1 Best of 2015 Medical Alert. We loved Alert1’s high quality of service. From their sales agents to their emergency responders, everyone at Alert1 was kind, caring, and professional. They are definitely the ones you want by your side in an emergency.

Alert1 has a wide variety of products including mobile medical alerts and fall detection technology. They feature transparent pricing that is best value for your money. We liked the flexibility of their different plans – they do not lock you into a multi-year contract and you can cancel at any time. Alert1’s service lets modern seniors live their lives without fear of medical emergencies.

Other Medical Alarm Services: LifeFone, ResponseLink, Lifestation

4 Comments on EMSY Winner 2015: Medical Alarm Service

  1. Alert1 does NOT stipulate it can detect user problem without user pushing button. Not clear on fall part (user need to push button or verbally reply?). Suppose user is unconscious?
    Would like answers for All systems on market (at least the ones you reference or who I should pursue).

    • Hello Ramsey!

      Those are all great questions to have. The companies with automatic fall detection will contact emergency responders if they don’t hear you reply. We know that Alert1 will do the same thing if the fall knocks you unconscious, which is one of the reasons why they’ve been our EMSY winner the past two years. -jl

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