A Film To Watch: The Imitation Game

imitation game

If you are looking for great acting, a gripping story and Benedict Cumberbatch – this movie for you! Cmberbatch plays the role of Alan Turing, an outstanding mathematician, computer scientist and cryptanalyst who cracked the Nazi Germany’s Enigma code and helped to win the Second World War for the Allies.

This film covers the crucial aspects of Turing’s life, starting with his teenage years in a boarding school, moving on to his genius work as a code breaker at Bletchley Park, and finishing with the tragedy of his conviction for gross indecency for maintaining a homosexual relationship.

Although historians find some inaccuracies in the movie, such as the depiction of Turing as a socially awkward loner, the movie generally narrates his life accurately. We get a unique look at the daily life of a world class code breaker, whose unwavering will to make a difference in the world is admirable.

We get to rejoice with him during his biggest breakthrough – cracking the German Enigma code, which likely reduced the Second World War by 2-3 years. Keep in mind that Bletchley Park, Britain’s top-secret Government Code and Cypher School was not known to the general public at all during the war years. Viewers are exposed to a hidden network of smart and determined people, all working for peace.

While we share Turing’s excitement upon breaking the code, the sadness will similarly grip us by the end of the movie. Even though it may seem obvious to us whether he was a war hero or a criminal, there was no ambiguity in the eyes of the British law. We can’t help but feel for him for the great injustice he was put through.

From a historical standpoint, this movie does justice to the efforts to stop the war, and more importantly, the role Alan Turing played in it. History lovers will not be disappointed. Those of us who are looking to be moved by an extraordinary life story will pleased as well.


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