Keeping Your Brain Young

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You’ve heard of the countless games and puzzles to keep your brain young. What if you’re not the type to sit down hours at a time for static brain exercise? Rest assured you don’t need any special equipment to stay sharp, or tedious lessons designed to keep your brain active. Your routine activities can be aimed toward preserving brain clarity and sharpness.

  1. Try something new. Your brain likes a little change to stay stimulated. Take a different road to the farmer’s market, or read a section in the newspaper that you usually skip. No need to learn a new language, or join mathletes – the small changes in your everyday life makes all the difference.
  2. Keep in touch with friends. Meet up with old acquaintances and make new ones. There is nothing tedious or mind-numbing about socializing with your pals! Organize dinner parties and take your friends out for breakfast. Reminiscing, laughing and sharing with others makes you and your brain happy.
  3. Get enough sleep. The hassle-free way to improve your brain’s health starts with a good snooze. Set yourself a sleeping schedule, and then stick with it every day. Avoid watching your favorite TV shows right before bedtime to avoid stimulation and excitement. Don’t fight tired feelings throughout the day. Take a nap to add valuable sleep time to your daily routine.
  4. Get moving. You don’t need to sign up for a gym membership or walk miles upon miles. Just 20 minutes of brisk walking every day will do the trick. Your mind will feel refreshed and energized after a nice walk. What a great way to keep your brain happy!
  5. Listen to music. Nothing’s better than boosting your brain power while rocking out to your favorite artists. For a workout that doesn’t involve extreme effort on your brain, learn the melody to songs you hear and recite the lyrics later.

Your brain needs taking care of, especially as you age. But brain retention doesn’t need to be labored or forced. There are many fun and effortless ways you can keep your brain active and young.

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