Review: Watch Battery Replacement By WatchGnome

Our editors recently came across WatchGnome, a great new company that offers watch battery replacement entirely through the mail. We gave their service a test ourselves but are also excited about the opportunity for seniors.

The service is simple & convenient. For a very affordable $25 (battery replacements from a jeweler can cost upwards of $40) WatchGnome sends a padded box straight to your house. You put your watch inside, use the prepaid return shipping label they provide and put it back in the mail. The watch usually gets back to their workshop in 2-3 days, they service it same day and put it back in the mail. You should have your watch back in about a week with no hassle.

The $25 flat fee includes everything you need:

  • Protected box
  • All shipping costs
  • A new battery
  • All service, labor and testing
  • Returning it directly to your home

If you have a watch that needs a battery replacement we suggest you check this service out. Our experience was fantastic and we highly recommend WatchGnome!

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