Shinola: An American Company

So unless you have been living under a rock for the past year or two, the odds are you have heard of Shinola. They are a Detroit based company that makes beautifully manufactured watches, bicycles and leather goods. While they make durable and elegant products, they also have a great story behind the launch of the Shinola brand.

The Rebuilding of Detroit: One Watch at a Time

Detroit, nicknamed “The Motor City” was the apex of American manufacturing for decades, and home to The Big Three automobile manufacturers (Ford, General Motors & Chrysler). However as foreign companies like Honda, Toyota and Nissan grew, manufacturing moved to foreign shores. Detroit began to struggle as manufacturing jobs left the country. Unemployment ballooned and the city began to struggle. The country wide recession of 2008 hit the city again and a full crisis struck in 2013 when Detroit declared bankruptcy. It was the largest city to ever declare bankruptcy in the United States. Houses were selling for a fraction of list prices 10 years ago and many people thought Detroit’s best days were in it’s past. Despite this dark period, a small group saw potential to build something.

Detroit_GM_headquartersThe Founders of Shinola Saw Opportunity

Shinola saw a city with culture for hardword and manufacturing skill. The Shinola name comes from a shoe polish company that was founded in Rochester, NY in 1907 – but went out of business in 1960. Bedrock Manufacturing acquired the name in 2001. They didn’t have a plan for it yet, but knew it had value and meant something. They were correct, because the name Shinola would become the flag for the resurgance of American manufacturing. And they started with a few items that needed to be built well, but still have style to succeed.

Shinola Bicycles

Shinola bicycles are custom assembled at 441 W. Canfield in Detroit by experts in Shinolas Flagship retail store. Each bicycle is built 1 at a time by hand with attention to detail and only the highest quality components. The Shionla bike frames are built in Wisconsin before being assembled operations in Detroit!

Shinola Watches From Detroit

Shinola watches are built inside the a state-of-the-art watch factory in The College for Creative Studies inside the historic Detroit Argonaut building. Shinola watch production combines meticulous hand-assembly with the latest watch technology available. The watches are built to endure and maintain their beauty. The watches have been hailed by numerous watch lovers and media outlets as “beautiful”, “stylish” and “durable”. Here at ModernSeniorMagazine, we don’t disagree. Our staff owns a couple! To be fair the only downside we have noticed with these amazing Shinola watches is that we need to replace the battery every 18-24 months. But we find taht with all finer peices of machinery, proper maintenance is key. Additionally, we found a great service for Shinola Watch Battery Replacement with WatchGnome! They do the entire process by mail. It’s high quality, fast and affordable. Make sure to check them out because they work with most watch brands (including popular brands like Tissot Watch Battery Replacement, Invicta Watch Battery Replacement)

Shinola Is Bring Back Detroit

Here at ModernSeniorMagazine we appreciate what Shinola has done for American manufacturing. We know they can’t single handedly bring back American Manufacturing, but they are banner for what can be done. Sometimes all it takes is a leader to prove that it can be done!

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