No Time Like the Presents- How to Have the Best Birthday Ever!

It’s the big day! You wake up, stretch, and maybe start to feel your age. But no matter your age, you always look forward to having something special on your birthday.

Whether you love big outdoor celebrations or would prefer a quiet gathering at home, there’s bound to be a birthday party idea that will make your day special. We at Modern Senior Magazine asked our staffers to tell us about their favorite birthday memories. Let their stories help inspire you to plan your next party.

I’m on a Boat

One staffer shared the memory of her grandmother’s 90th birthday celebration. In honor of her grandmother’s big day, the whole family went for a cruise through the San Diego harbor.  They rented a boat and cruised for three hours before returning to shore.

A party cruise is a great option for any time of day, as long as the weather is nice! Many harbors and lakes offer boat rentals – give them a call to see what they have available.

Love looking at the ocean, but don’t want to be on a boat? Enjoy the ocean view while eating a nice meal. Look for restaurants and hotels by the shore. Have dinner at a big bay window or hold a party in a banquet room with an oceanfront balcony. You can enjoy a view of the water while not having to be ship-shape.

Stop and Smell the Roses

Another staffer said one of his favorite parties was an outdoor potluck in a local public garden. Everyone was able to relax and enjoy home-cooked food in a scenic environment.

Public gardens provide a nice place to have a beautiful and relaxing afternoon picnic. Have your party at your local flower conservatory or nature museum. Many museums/conservatories have options to rent a special event area.

Not just for kids, an outdoor party favorite is the scavenger hunt! Guests will love remembering all the scavenger hunts they went on as children, while finding more grown up prizes. Consider little bottles of wine, different types of chocolate, or gift cards to local restaurants as rewards for the hunt.

Come Fly With Me

Being retired makes it a lot easier to pack your bags and take a vacation. Consider a destination birthday party. One of our editors has a favorite memory of the birthday week she spent in Switzerland. Her family threw a nice party for her and invited a bunch of her friends to come. She had the best chocolate cake she’d ever eaten!

Keep it simple, yet sophisticated with a wine party in Tuscany. Or go for an adventure and swim with dolphins in Cabo San Lucas.

Resorts and airlines often team up together to offer discount packages to various destinations around the world. Your birthday is the perfect time to cash in on all of your bonus airline miles!

Dance the Night Away

Love to be active and social? Rent a room in a dance hall or clubhouse and host your own dance party!

Make your party even better by adding a theme. There are plenty of bands and DJs who can play music from the decade of your choice. Invite guests to come in costume. Join the sock-hop and get ready to jitterbug all night.

Instead of hosting your own party, how about attending someone else’s show? The Ballet, Broadway, the Opera, and local theater will be a special treat for your special night. You can feel good about supporting the arts while having a great time out with friends and family.

Add That Extra Something!

For an extra special night, ask family members and close friends to lead speeches and toasts. Check in with them a week before the event, so you know what they plan on delivering. They’ll be honored to be a part of your special night, and will gladly share a favorite story or memory about you.

Love a good meal? With a full buffet, everyone leaves feeling satisfied. A full buffet allows guests to customize their own plates, and will please the pickiest of eaters.

For a small and informal party, try a potluck. A themed potluck lets you explore foods you may never have otherwise tried. This is the perfect option if you’ve been looking to try something new. It also means you don’t have to do any cooking!

If someone is planning your party for you, don’t be afraid to tell them what you would like. If you don’t like surprise parties, let them know. If you have a favorite food, tell them that too! After the event, don’t forget to send them a nice thank-you card for their hard work.

Enjoy the Night

Once your party starts, sit back and have fun! Remember, it’s your special night and everyone is here to help you celebrate it. Be safe, and don’t forget to tell Modern Senior Magazine all about your party. We can’t wait to hear your stories!

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