Presenting: The 2016 EMSY Awards

Welcome to Modern Senior Magazine’s 2016 Excellence in Modern Senior Yearly (EMSY) Awards! Each year, our editors select their favorite companies/products in the following categories: Medical Alert System, Grocery Store, Restaurant, Hotel, Mobile Phone, and Mobile Phone Carrier. Now, it’s time to present the winners of Modern Senior Magazine’s 2016 EMSY Awards.


Best Medical Alert System

unspecifiedModern Senior Magazine has chosen Alert1® as the best medical alert device company of 2016. We loved our experience when ordering from Alert1. Their friendly staff members answered all of our questions without pressuring us into a decision. Our favorite part besides great customer service? Alert 1 has no hidden fees or long-term contracts. With trustworthiness and affordability as their middle name, Alert1 is a great choice for a medical alert device.

Runners up: Lifewatch®, ResponseLINK®


Best Grocery Store

tjsA runner up in last year’s EMSY awards, Trader Joe’s® has risen up to capture the top spot in 2016. We love Trader Joe’s for their wide range of food. It’s senior-friendly with low prices and perfect portion sizes. You won’t have to worry about trying to eat up all the leftovers before they go bad when you shop at Trader Joe’s. As an added bonus. the staff members are very friendly and will love helping you take your groceries to the car.

Runners up: Costco®, Sprouts®, Safeway®


Best Restaurant Chain

ihopOnce again, IHOP® has risen up and captured the number one restaurant spot in 2016. We love IHOP for its wide selection of breakfast food that tastes great no matter the time of day. With a menu that you and the grandkids will love, IHOP will pour you all the coffee you can drink with your pancakes. And their special senior menu and discounts will keep dining out affordable for you and your spouse. We bet IHOP will be your favorite Sunday brunch spot in no time.

Runners up: Black Bear Diner®, Denny’s®


Best Hotel Chain


marriottThis year’s EMSY award for best hotel goes to Marriot® hotels. We love their fast and easy service, as well as their welcoming accommodations. With plenty of handicap rooms to help support your needs and their 15% senior discount, they make traveling senior friendly. With plenty of hotels around the US, you’ll want to stay in one of their hotels wherever you go.

Runners up: Hilton®, Best Western®, Hyatt®


Best Mobile Phone


appleThis year’s best mobile phone goes to Apple®’s iPhone 6s. We love its new dimensions- it’s easier for you to grip and pick up without effort. The touch screen is easy for senior fingers to navigate so you never have to worry about accidently hanging up on a call. There are plenty of colorful cases to keep your new iPhone 6s safe in case of a fall. Plus, the grandkids would love to ‘teach’ you how to use your new phone.

Runners up: Samsung® Galaxy S7, Motorola® DROID MAXX 2


Best Mobile Carrier


Verizon_Logo.svgThis year’s winner of best mobile carrier is Verizon® Wireless. We’re big fans of Verizon for their unbeatable coverage and great customer service. Staying within budget is important after retirement, and you won’t have to worry about breaking the bank with their data plans. You’re able to choose from five different affordable plans based on your service needs. Their Carryover data plan allows any unused data from your previous month to “roll” over into the next month so you’re never without coverage.

Runners up: AT&T®, T-Mobile®

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