Something to Hold On To: Seachrome® Review

As we age, it becomes harder and harder to navigate safely around our homes. The stairs are harder to climb, the tile floor is suddenly slippery, and the hallway light always seems dim. The scare of a potential accident at home stays in the back of your mind. However, moving out is not something you are willing to do.

At Modern Senior Magazine, we understand. We’re not ready to move out of our homes either. We’re all for creating a safe space in the home you have.

Recently, we discovered a company that helps you age-in-place the way you want to. Seachrome® makes it easy for you to stay in your own home without sacrificing your safety. Their home safety additions help keep accidents at bay without impeding on your style. Their products of grab bars, shower seats, and bath accessories are customizable to your safety needs.

While they offer many different accessories to be used around the home, our favorites are their grab bars and shower seats.

Seachrome’s fully customizable grab bars, allow you to create the safety you need in the shower and around the home. If you slip in the shower, you’ll be able to catch yourself before reaching the floor.

Grab bars can be used to help you move around your home more easily, too. Put them next to your bed, or in the kitchen. You’ll have more stability when getting out of bed in the morning and when brewing that first cup of coffee.

While you’re adding to your home, don’t forget to grab a shower seat for extra safety. A shower seat continues to let you enjoy your morning shower, but from the safety of a seat. You won’t need to worry about your balance while washing your hair. Once you’re sitting, not standing, in the shower, you can safely wash your feet without risking a fall.

To help you move from your shower seat to your bathmat, place your new grab bars on either side of the seat. The extra support will ensure that you won’t trip over the edge of the shower. With both items installed, you will get in and out of the shower with ease. Showering will be a breeze, thanks to your new shower safety features from Seachrome.

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  1. i have been around for nearly a century now and i must say im fairly disappointed that we have devices like smart hpones but we dont have showers that clean us

    hopefully that will be developed while im still alive! hah!

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