Presenting the 2017 EMSY Awards

Every year, we at Modern Senior Magazine put together our EMSYs, Excellence in Modern Senior Yearly Awards, honoring some of our favorite companies and products for seniors. Below are this year’s winners.

Best Medical Alert:

alert1_logo. alert1 medical alert system

For the 3rd year running, Alert1 Medical Alert Systems® has won the EMSY for best medical alert system for seniors.

Modern Senior loves Alert1 for two important reasons. First, the staff and service at Alert1 are always friendly and helpful. Whenever we spoke to a representative on the phone, they were kind, courteous, and knowledgeable. Plus, they make sure to speak slowly and clearly for those hard of hearing!

Second, we love the price point and transparency Alert1 offers. Their plans cost less than cell phone or internet bills, making them an affordable option for seniors and their families. We also like the fact that they don’t charge any extra fees or add-ons.

Our favorite product is the PAX mobile medical alert, which you can take with you anywhere you go. It also comes with automatic fall detection, which is a great addition for days you don’t feel steady on your feet.

Runners up:

First Alert®, ResponseLink®

Best Hotel:


Residence Inn® by Marriot® takes home the top spot for hotels this year. Modern Senior Magazine staffers loved their experience there. The front desk staff where prompt and friendly while providing speedy service. You also get a warm chocolate chip cookie when you check in!

While having a chocolate muffin for breakfast is great, sometimes we wanted to cook from ‘home’. We loved that the Residence Inn had a full continental breakfast in the hotel lobby, plus a kitchenette in each room. You’ll never go hungry when staying here.

With discounts for seniors and spacious handicap rooms, Residence Inn is perfect for your next vacation. Give them a call when it’s time to jet out-of-town. And don’t forget to request a room on the ground floor!

Runners Up:

Best Western®, Sheraton®

Best Restaurant:


For the second year in a row, Ihop® has nabbed the top spot of best restaurant for seniors.

Loved by Modern Senior Magazine staffers, Ihop is the perfect place for a midnight snack or for Sunday brunch. While already having great menu prices, Ihop also offers senior discounts to save you even more money. Treat your sweetie for a pancake breakfast, and you’ll soon see why it’s one of our favorites.

Ihop is also the perfect place to take the grandchildren when they visit. With a bunch of hungry mouths to feed, you won’t have to worry about picky eaters here. Order a smiley-face pancake stack for Jenny and French Toast for Jill. Don’t forget to lick the syrup off of the spoon!

Runners Up:

Denny’s®, Texas Roadhouse®

Best City:


Looking for a place to retire? Ready for a great vacation? You can’t go wrong with Scottsdale, Arizona. From its warm temperatures to sweeping desert vistas, you’ll never have to worry about staying safe in the cold.

Modern Senior loves how senior friendly Scottsdale is—with two senior centers, and plenty of recreational classes, you’ll never miss a social moment there. Take a trip through the Contemporary Museum of Art or relax at a spa after a fun day on the golf course.

Be sure to stock up on plenty of sunscreen before you go. Drink lots of water during summer, and be ready to spend your golden years in style.

Runners Up:

Seattle, WA, San Francisco, CA.

Best Tech for Seniors:

Do you ever worry about home break-ins when on vacation? Want to have another set of eyes and ears around the home? You’ll gain both, and more, with Kuri.

This year’s winner of best tech for seniors, Kuri is a personal home robot that keeps you safe in your own home. With functioning eyes and ears, Kuri links to an app on your smartphone to notify you when anything happens at home.

Your friends will be impressed to see Kuri play music and ‘converse’ with them. Plus, you’ll never have to worry about security again.

Runners Up:

Funky Bots Atomic Bands™, Polaroid® Pop

Until Next Year!

We always love reviewing different companies for our EMSY awards to pass our findings on to you. Check out the companies on our list this year, and be sure to check back next year!

Do you have any favorite companies or places to travel? Leave us a comment below and it could be featured in next year’s EMSY awards!


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