Don’t be Bored in Retirement—Retire Here!

Retiring doesn’t mean you have to spend the rest of your days living in a sunny retirement community in Florida. You don’t want to sit around bored during your retirement. Modern Senior Magazine understands. We don’t think you should have to sit around with nothing to do either. That’s why our list of the best places to retire in 2017 is all about the fun you can have in each city.

The 10 Best Cities for Retirement

From arts to music to hiking and biking, these 10 cities have it all. Keep reading for Modern Senior’s 10 best cities for retirement.

  • Portland, Maine. Charming costal town? Check! Located on the coast of Maine, you’ll enjoy the downtown waterfront and wharves, with plenty of time to take in the local theater and art scene. With housing costs under $200,000, you’ll find your costal cottage in no time.
  • Portland, Oregon. Feel like experiencing the beautiful west coast? Try Portland, Oregon. In Portland, you’ll join the largest eco-conscious community in Oregon. Spend the day traveling around on your bike, visiting local coffee shops or touring art museums. Relax into your golden years knowing that you’re barely leaving a footprint on the earth.
  • Madison, Wisconsin. Are you a cheese fanatic? Retire to the cheese capital! Madison is home to the University of Wisconsin and famed Frank Lloyd Wright architecture. Take leisurely afternoon strolls through the botanical gardens or the arboretum. When the grandchildren come to visit, the art museums and multitude of restaurants will lead to fun-filled adventures.
  • Walla Walla, Washington. Looking for a small city with gorgeous views? Walla Walla will meet all of your expectations. With miles of parks and recreational trails for walking and hiking, you’ll stay immersed in nature all day long. A scenic downtown and hot air ballooning provides plenty of options for keeping you amused in your golden years.
  • Austin, Texas. Are you a live music fan? Then Austin is the best retirement place for you! With a thriving music scene and arts culture, Austin is also home to plenty of outdoor activities. Spend the day hiking or cycling, and wind down listening to live blues jazz at a café. The city also hosts plenty of senior-only events, so you’ll never miss a social moment.
  • Fargo, North Dakota. Do you love snow? Add Fargo to your list. With the biggest city population within the state of North Dakota, Fargo has lots to do. Visit the Fargo Air Museum during the day, and catch the symphony playing at night. Don’t forget to buy an ice scraper!
  • Boise, Idaho. Ready for the Midwest charm? Boise’s perfect for you. Join the largest city in Idaho, and take advantage of all the activities you can do. Learn to Tango or try painting at the recreation center. Be ready for thrills when the X Games qualification round rolls into town in June!
  • Savannah, Georgia. Is peach pie your favorite dessert? The only thing sweeter than the famous Georgia peaches will be the accents of everyone in the town. Practice your best Southern drawl while visiting all of the old antebellum homes turned into museums. Take a ride in a horse drawn carriage along the coast and breathe in some fresh sea air.
  • San Francisco, California. Think big cities aren’t for retirement? Think again. San Francisco is perfect proof of that. With so many vibrant cultures meeting in one place, you’ll never get tired of exploring this city. With great public transportation and plenty of outdoor parks, you’ll be navigating around like a pro in no time.
  • Buffalo, New York. Do you love the East Coast? Located in upstate New York, Buffalo is perfect for the arts and architecture lovers. With plenty of Art Deco, Frank Lloyd Wright architecture, and classic works of art by Picasso and Warhol, you’ll be an art buff in no time. Take a weekend trip to New York City, knowing you can always escape back to your cozy home.

Retire to the Destination of Your Dreams

Before you make a decision on where you want to retire, visit each of the cities on your list. Spend a weekend there to get a feel for the environment and culture. You’ll know the city that’s right for you when you feel at home in a new environment. Here’s to a happy and healthy retirement filled with plenty of things to do.

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