Beach Tips and Tricks

Beach trips were all the rage when we were kids. Now that we’re growing older, the idea of the beach still appeals, with some modifications. Gone are the days when we spent hours baking in the sun making sand castles. Now a beach chair and an umbrella are the way to go.

Before you hit the beach with your family this summer, check out Modern Senior Magazine’s tips for a fun family experience.

Before Hitting The Beach

It’s the worst feeling when you get to the beach and realize you left all the snacks at home! Pack your bags the night before so you don’t accidentally miss something when you’re running out the door.

  • Write a checklist. Don’t try to pack everything by memory. Create a checklist to easily cross items off after you pack them.
  • Organize supplies by bag. Have one bag for the beach towels, another for snacks, and a third for change of clothes. Keeping everything separate will make it easier to find what you’re looking for—and it’ll keep the sand out of the cookies!
  • Buy lots of sunscreen. It’s better to play it safe when it comes to the sun. Stock up on lots of sunscreen before you leave. Look for water resistant and long lasting, and be sure to reapply every two hours.

On The Way to The Beach

Don’t stress if you’ve got a long drive to the beach. Tunes and activities will make the time fly by.

  • Make a playlist of favorites. Music is a great way to pass time. Take a poll of everyone’s favorite music, and create a playlist to listen to on the drive. You’ll be singing along in no time!
  • Play car games. Try 20 questions, spotting out-of-state license plates, and Mad Libs®. Assign one person to keep score and reward the winner by letting them choose your beach camping spot.
  • Put on sunscreen. Don’t wait to get to the beach to slather on the sunscreen. Start applying while you’re still in the car. Most sunscreens need 15 minutes to absorb before they start defending your skin from the sun.

At The Beach

If you’ve got a ways to walk to get to the beach, divvy up the stuff you need to bring so everyone is carrying something. Drop the kids off to claim a good spot while you go and park the car.

  • Have a designated beach blanket. Save the towels for drying off from the ocean. A big beach blanket will give everyone room to relax in between dips in the ocean.
  • Reapply sunscreen. To keep your skin protected, reapply every couple hours. Call the kids in from the water and feed them a snack while they wait for the sunscreen to absorb.
  • Designate a safety warden. Have one person stay with the things while everyone else dips into the ocean. They’ll be able to call for help and alert the lifeguard from the land in case there’s an emergency in the water.

After The Beach

Everyone will be worn out after a long day on the beach. Have everyone help in the packing up, which will make the process go a lot faster.

  • Clean up your area. Just like camping in the forest, leave the beach cleaner than you found it. Pack up all your things, taking trash and recycling with you. Don’t forget any beach toys that came with you.
  • Rinse off at the beach. It’s no fun vacuuming sand out of your car. Rinse off as much sand as you can before getting back into the car. Use your beach towels to keep your seats safe from water and sand.
  • Unpack bags outside. To minimize the amount of sand tracked into the house, unpack your bags outside. Dust sand off anything that needs to go back into the house. Throw all the beach towels and swimsuits straight into the washer to be cleaned.

Stay On the Beach All Summer Long!

With the sun, the sand, and the surf, you’ll be all set for your perfect summer spot. With these beach tips and tricks, you’ll be relaxing like a pro in no time.

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