Lifelong Yoga by Sage Rountree and Alexandra DeSiato—A Modern Senior Book Review

Reviewed by John Lee

First thought: Overall, this book is a great basic introduction to yoga. It’s well broken down for the average layperson who is not a yoga junky. Aptly named, Lifelong Yoga will really help you do yoga all ‘life-long.’

In-depth review:  As a gym rat, Lifelong Yoga is the yoga book I never thought I’d need. Once I hit 50, I figured that scaling back my reps at the gym would be good enough to keep me in shape, but I felt like I needed more. I didn’t realize how much is involved in practicing yoga. Rountree and DeSiato do a great job of making yoga accessible to aging senior bodies (like the one I see in the mirror every day).

Normally, I’d have been put off of anything yoga related. The yoga community seems to be filled with young, flexible people doing hot yoga or posing in the splits on Instagram. Lifelong Yoga opened my eyes to a different side of the practice. It shows that yoga is truly for everyone—and that you don’t have to be under the age of 30 to do it.

After all, yoga has great health benefits (a theme clearly outlined by Rountree and DeSiato). The later chapters contain yoga poses and sequences to help you gain all the health benefits from yoga. The book even includes specific sequences targeting different issues common for seniors. Strengthening your balance, core, and hips are all addressed.

Lifelong Yoga also contains yoga sequences that you can do depending on the type of day you have. There are different series for both morning and evening on days with stress, excitement, anger, and more.

But one of the biggest pluses for me were the models. They all looked my age—admittedly in much better shape. I don’t need to try to twist myself into a pretzel like a smiling 20-something. Instead, I can clearly see how my body should look in each pose. Major kudos for that.

I’d recommend this book to anyone who wants to start doing yoga at a later age. It’s great for the almost 40 and up crowd, easy to read, and contains great information.

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  1. exervising to me at this age is getting up and down my stairs a few times a day. i can recommend this to my daugher, she is 56 this year and yoga would be nice for her.

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