Water Polo – A Great Way to Stay in Shape!

Water polo has it all – no expensive equipment or risk of breaking your bones, water polo is a fun, team-building sport for everyone!


Water polo is a great sport to play, regardless of age!
Water polo is a great sport to play, regardless of age!


Water polo – one of the first team sports in the modern Olympic games. While at

the professional level, it can get extremely competitive, it can be enjoyed recreationally

by everyone, regardless of age or athletic talent. Even senior citizens who have never

heard of water polo can take part in this sport, as there are water polo clubs around the

nation that are more than willing to take in new players without any previous experience.

Although some kind of background in swimming can be beneficial, most pools have a

shallow section where players can stand or walk in, so don’t be scared if you can’t swim!

Playing water polo is a great workout, as the sport utilizes every part of your

body. Why go to the boring old gym that you’ve been going to for years when you can

try something new and play water polo? Water polo players are some of the healthiest

and physically fit athletes in the world. While other seniors might be casually playing

tennis or golf, you could be getting into the shape of your life by playing water polo!

Additionally, water polo is a team sport, so joining a club is a great way to get out of your

house and meet new people and make new friends. Working with a team also enhances

your communication and teamwork skills, as teamwork is a key part of the game. Many

clubs host social team bonding events – opportunities for you to have a great time outside

of the pool with your new friends.

You don’t need much to start playing the sport – a swimsuit and a club

membership are all you really need. You won’t need any fancy equipment or padding,

as water polo is also one of the safest sports in the world. There’s no way you can break

your leg or hurt your joints in the pool, compared to other land sports like basketball or

tennis in which injury is common. In fact, playing water polo actually alleviates back

pain and helps combat joint pain and stiffness, as the water’s buoyancy takes stress

off the joints, and swimming and throwing the ball around strengthens back and core

muscles. The worst thing that could happen is that you’d end up smelling like chlorine,

so what are you waiting for? There are water polo clubs in every state around the nation,

so get out and start playing! Here’s a great tool to help you find a club near you: https://


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