Hot Men Over 70

These gorgeous men may be over 70, but they’re still as gorgeous as ever!

clint eastwood

Robert Redford

Age:  77

The Oscar-winning actor broke through with the 1969 western Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and a star was born. Even through the following decades, Redford defined the all-American blond classic paving the way for the likes of Brad Pitt.

Redford is both an actor and a director, set to grace the screens in Marvel’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier in 2014

Clint Eastwood

Age: 83

Recently, Clint Eastwood has taken to behind the camera and earning Oscar nominations for his work as a directory (Mystic River, 2003 and Letters from Iwo Jima, 2006).

Before his directorial days, Eastwood was one of Hollywood’s leading men such as the critically acclaimed The Bridges of Madison County (1995).

Harrison Ford

Age: 71

It can be said Harrison Ford is the leading action man of his acting generation. As Han Solo in Star Wars and Indiana Jones in the eponymous series, Ford led the action with his suave, swash-buckling style.

With recent reboots to both classic series, Ford undoubtedly can make the ladies swoon.

Morgan Freeman

Age: 76

He has played God (Bruce Almighty, 2003), billed in a feature with penguins as cast mates (March of the Penguins, 2005) and aided Batman in his recent tri-adventure (The Dark Knight Trilogy, 2005-2012).

But what Morgran Freeman is most known for is his soothing, composed, transcendent voice. Who wouldn’t want their life to be narrated by Morgan Freeman’s voice? Or who wouldn’t be convinced to do almost anything by his voice?

Robert De Niro

Age: 70

With acting chops ranging from action (Midnight Run, 1988), drama (The Godfather, 1972) to comedy (Meet the Parents, 2000), Robert de Niro proves to have versatility and talent.

With a career surely not looking to stop any time soon, de Niro surely still has many blockbusters to come.

Jack Nicholson

Age: 76

He terrified us in The Shining, disturbed us as the Joker (Batman, 1989) and yet, can turn an endearing performance (Terms of Endearment, 1983).

With numerous films under his belt, Nicholson is not only a leading and accomplished actor but is among the few who has been nominated for the most Academy Awards.

Al Pacino

Age: 73

As Tony Montana in the 1983 film, Scarface, Pacino made Hollywood history with one line: Say hello to my little friend.

Pacino defined the ‘mob’ archetype or the villainous naysayer as we’ve seen him in film through the years.

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